Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ashura - 27 December 2009 - part 10 - Provisional list of dead protesters: death toll now at 8

(Updated Tuesday,29 December 2009)

The opposition has released a provisional list of protesters killed in today's demonstrations in Tehran. This is only a preliminary list and only concerns the day of Ashura, December 27, in the capital. A woman was allegedly shot and killed in Sirjan during protests yesterday, but she is not among these victims. According to Jonbesheh Raheh Sabz, they are:

- Mehdi Farhadinia, 34, Mehdi Farhadirad according to the Islamic Republic Police News Service
- Mohammad Ali Rasekhinia, 40
- Amir Arshadi, 30
- Shahram Faraji, 30
- Seyed Ali Habibi Mousavi (nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi), 42
- Jahanbakht Pazooki, 50
- According to the Islamic Republic Police News Service, an unidentified woman, 43, and man, 31 were also killed. It is unclear how the police could be so precise on their ages and not have their names. 

Please provide additional confirmed information you may have in the comments section or by email to me.

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  1. I'm surprised by how many of these casualties are middle aged. In most of the available photos and videos, the persons doing battle against the police barricades appear to be the age of students.

    I believe cause of death is mentioned for at least some of these casualties- isn't it?

    I'm also curious on the number of police casualties.

    The lack of complete ID might be attributed to a verification procedure (just a guess).