Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pro-regime twitter accounts try to spread disinformation, fear, or calls for violence

Pro-regime Twitter accounts have intensified their activity on February 20 (Esfand 1 in Iranian calendar), a day of protests called by the opposition. The following screen capture shows some of the culprits tweeting the same messages at the same time (From FormoUSAvi to Daghkon). Some of the messages aim to create fear ('Motorcyclists are jotting down our car registration number...) and spread disinformation ('URGENT/ Mousavi arrested + photo'). Others are incitements to violence ('Esfand 1 - a day to demand blood')...


  1. Those tweets sound the same as comments from regular, middle aged, expat commentators on

  2. :)
    fair enough, some do sound like what you're saying.

    However, simultaneous, identical posts from accounts -- some of which, like javanonline, are known to be close to the IRI -- plus links to very dodgy sites and blogs -- also known to be close to the IRI -- give an indication of organization and political slant. When you add deliberate and frequent disinformation, you can make your own assumptions. I have no doubt that the regime is trying to make up for its shortcomings in cybespace and is getting more organized about it.