Tuesday, December 1, 2009

State radio-television web sites hacked

At least a dozen web sites connected to the Islamic regime's radio and television broadcasters were hacked early this morning in an orchestrated operation.

The attacked web sites include Radio Javan, Radio Payam, Radio Varzesh, Radio Tehran, Radio Qoran, the literary section of the state radio-television's web site, and the Jomeh Irani (NB Iranian Friday) program.

The hackers, calling themselves Y! Underground, substituted the homepages of the attacked web sites with the above image. The Farsi text reads, 'We will stand until the end.' The title of the pages became 'Defaced by Y! Underground.' Most of the web sites were quickly closed down by their technical staff.

The group claimed it has five members -- Y4ho0, Blackc0der, Aroush4, l2odon, and Slash -- and posted a Yahoo! e-mail address, y4ho0_emperor@yahoo.com.

As of 3 PM GMT today, service has been restored on Radio Payam's site, but others like Radio Javan continue to be down. Radio Javan's page on the Islamic Republic of Iran's (IRIB) web site is also unavailable. The link to Radio Varzesh has not been provided because Google considers it an attack site.

Astonishingly, the literary section of IRIB's web site continues to show the image placed on it by the hackers.