Friday, January 29, 2010

Video roundup - Friday, 29 January 2010

  • Al Jazeera presents an excellent report in English on Arash Rahmanipour, the young man hanged by the Islamic Republic Thursday morning along with Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani.

  • CNN's Reza Sayah also reported on the executions:

  • After weeks of being shut down, the Ghoba mosque in Shiraz was re-opened ten days ago. Ayatollah Ali Mohammad Dastgheib, a member of the Assembly of Experts who has voiced strong criticism of the regime, preaches at Ghoba mosque. The house of worship has continued to be a target of regime goons who have staged sit-ins and demonstrations, culminating in a particularly disruptive gathering on Wednesday night. A site set up by followers of Ayatollah Dastgheib posted a report yesterday which began, 'Last night was one of the most singular evenings at Ghoba mosque. Until yesterday and after more than ten days since Ghoba mosque in the city of Shiraz was re-opened, known individuals (who were not particularly young) linked to several armed and government groups would come to the mosque under the name of 'Young Supporters of the Leader' and would seriously disrupt operations by staying in the dormitories and chanting slogans. (For example, this group created difficulties for the studies of theological students by gathering and chanting slogans). They would provoke friction. But last night, the individuals linked to some armed bodies mustered all their forces to create what they called a grass-roots base of resistance by the name of 'the sea of the Leader' through their vigorous presence.'A few uniformed individuals can actually be seen among the troublemakers who chant, 'Death to those who oppose the velayateh faghih! (NB Principle of the guardianship of the jurisprudent, through which Khamenei derives his power)'

  • In the lead-up to the protests planned for February 11 (NB anniversary of the 1979 revolution), this video offers comparisons between images of 1979 and 2009:

  • Orchestral rendition of patriotic song 'Ey Iran!' sung by Roya Sabet in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan: