Friday, July 2, 2010

Majlis deputies acclaim Khamenei more loudly than the Prophet Muhammed

A video posted by Jonbesheh Raheh Sabz on Thursday, June 1, 2010, allegedly shows Principlist Majlis representatives mumbling a prayer after the Prophet Muhammed is mentioned at the start of a speech, but enthusiastically acclaiming Leader Ali Khamenei when Speaker Ali Larijani utters his name a few minutes later...

Conservatives who seek a return to the founding principles of the revolution are called Principlists. Though they form one parliamentary group, they have splintered into smaller factions, most notably those who are pro-Ahmadinejad and those who support Larijani. The group as a whole has been accused of deifying Khamenei as the surrogate of the Mahdi, the messiah of Shiites.