Thursday, July 22, 2010

Genoa names square in honor of Iranian women

The Italian city of Genoa renamed one of its squares 'Rotonda Donne di Teheran' (Women of Tehran Square) in the Fiumara commercial district as part of its Human Rights Week on July 21, 2010.

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Mayor Marta Vincenzi unveiled the new plaque honoring the women who demonstrated for freedom on the streets of Iran's capital at a moving ceremony attended by Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi. 'This is a sign of solidarity with the women of Iran, and other parts of the world, who are fighting for freedom,' said Mayor Vincenzi.

She expressed the hope that mayors in other major cities around the world would follow Genoa's lead and pay tribute to Iran's women.


  1. It is hypocritical of Italy to name a Square 'Rotonda Donne di Teheran' (Women of Tehran Square) in the Fiumara commercial district as part of its Human Rights Week on July 21, 2010.

    This is when a Muslim lady called Marwa was BRUTALLY KILLED inside German court - STABBED 18 TIMES by her German murderer only 10 days after the death of Iranian lady. Yet there is no Italian tears for Marwa; no crying by western democratic media; no scream of human rights violation. This is just about Marwa, i won't even mention 1 million killed in Iraq alone - according to UN statistics; hundred and thousands dead in Afganistan; thousands murdered in Palestine, Thousands murdered in Lebanon; THERE IS EVEN NO TEAR SHEDDING ABOUT THOSE MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD DURING FOTILLA ATTACK BY ISRAEL. What a wonderful democracy WEST has. Vomit, Vomit, Vomit.

    Naming of square in Italy is solely a DARK POLITICAL game being played by west to put pressure on Iran in order to force Iran to submit to western will - make Iran a slave of west, a Iran that will be weak and bow to western demand.

    It is strange that some Iranian are even joining west to pressure Iran over its Nuclear program without even understanding the dark political manoeuvrings of west.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Khurshid.

    For those unfamiliar with the case mentioned by this reader here is some background information: Marwa El-Sherbini, an Egyptian resident of Germany, was stabbed to death by Alex Wiens in a courthouse in Dresden on July 1, 2009. By all accounts, Wiens, a German citizen who had emigrated from Russia in 2003, was an Islamophobe and the horrific murder was a hate crime, confounded by the fact that it occurred in front of El-Sherbini's child. Wiens was subsequently tried for murder and attempted murder (on El-Sherbini's husband, who was also shot by the police during the skirmish in the courthouse). Wiens was found guilty on both counts and sentenced to life in prison.

    CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric had an embarrassing moment (it was called a 'Palin moment' at the time) in an interview with Ahmadinejad, when the Islamic Republic's president pulled out a photo of El-Sherbini and Couric could not identify the woman. Ahmadinejad wanted to deflect a question about human rights abuses in Iran when he did so.

    Am I to understand, Khurshid, that you are taking a page from the Ahmadinejad playbook and justifying human rights abuses in Iran because a racist lunatic in Germany murdered a Muslim woman? Are you comparing the Islamic Republic's official policy of imprisonment, torture, rape, and abuse of its citizens to the actions of an homicidal Islamophobe (who has been sentenced to life in prison by the German judicial system for his actions)?

    As for the misconduct and abuse of the West in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Israel's in the case of the flotilla, I can direct you to numerous editorials in the press and street demonstrations in the West which have denounced them. And there have also been protests against the Islamic Republic's misconduct and abuses?

    Have you ever denounced the Islamic Republic of Iran's human rights abuses, Khurshid?

  3. My friend Homylafayette, wrong is wrong - a wrong can never be right, regardless of where in the world it happens. Point of my post was not to deny or ignore human rights abuse in Iran. No where in my post i claimed that - you can read it carefully again.

    My entire argument was based on the DARK POLITICS of west. They are naming a square in Italy to honor Iranian women whereas they would never name a square honoring Marwa El-Sherbini or any other Muslim - i know that for a fact. I happen to leave in West, I know very well how their psyche works.

    As for Ahmadinijad's interview in CBS, i was not aware of it. Despite what happened in Iran i have to say well done to Ahmadinijad for showing CBS and other western media outlets how hypocritical they are. Having said that i am making clear that i am not supporting what happened in Iran. As i said west is dropping crocodile tears for Iran in the name of human interest only for their own interest.

    Look what is happening in Kazakhstan, British ambassador to Kazakhstan was fired from his job by former British foreign secretary Jack Straw for high lighting human rights abuses in Kazakhstan by the western backed dictator of Kazakhstan. The ambassador Andrew Murray made public his firing letter where Jack Straw wrote " are fired for giving undue attention to human right over British national interest." My friend homylafayette, i hope you see the basis of my argument. How can i be in favor of abuse when Islam, the religion i hold dear to my heart, clearly forbids abuse. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) has said explicitly that shedding blood of a Muslim is haram.

    It is very strange that every time anyone depends Muslim suffering or points out injustice caused to Muslims by west, there always immediate hostility shown. strange very strange.

    As for the killing of Marwa, a lady german government officer whose name i forgot was fired from job after she published a document pointing out that "why did the police shot Marwa's husband when they entered the court room?" she explained that this shows "a deep islamophobia in german society. The police could have shot someone else but no they assumed that it was a arab man and he must be the trouble maker".