Friday, June 4, 2010

When abuse becomes ingrained in security forces: video shows police mistreating illegal Afghan immigrants

Footage released by the Reporters and Human Rights Activists News Agency (RAHANA) on Thursday, June 3, 2010, shows the security forces of the Islamic Republic abusing captured illegal Afghan immigrants.

The Afghans were captured around Rafsanjan, Kerman province, and taken by truck to a police base outside the town about two weeks ago, according to RAHANA.

View Rafsanjan, Kerman province - Afghans are abused by islamic Republic security forces - 20 May 2010 in a larger map

The film shows a police officer ordering the captured Afghans to beat themselves, beat the person in front of them, or stand and sit repeatedly. 'One, two, three. One, two, three. Harder. Harder,' the police officer shouts, setting the pace for the prisoners to beat themselves on the head. A fellow security officer can be clearly heard laughing and snickering in the background.

'We won't come to Iran again,' says an Afghan. The sadistic police officer is inspired by this remark and asks everyone to repeat it in unison.

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  1. Over million and a half Afghanis migrated to Iran as refugees during the Soviet invasion and later the Taleban. Many of the Afghan refugees committed serious acts of violence, numerous robberies, and murder against Iranian citizens. This video is nothing compared to what Afghanis done to Iranian people, and of their own. Get real!