Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Seyed Ali, the thing missing in this fire is you': Images of chahar shanbeh souri

For an article on this ancient fire festival, its particular significance this year, and the regime's longstanding efforts to counter pre-Islamic Iranian traditions, please click here. For more footage from chahar shanbeh souri, please click here.

'This is Oroumiyeh, the Paris of Iran,' the cameraman says of the capital of West Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran. In the last shot of the film, he says, '2010's chahar shanbeh souri is over. Seyed Ali (NB Leader Ali Khamenei), the thing missing in this fire is you. I see the day when you will burn in this fire. That's my heart's fondest wish. Death to you. Death to Khamenei. Murderer!'

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