Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Death to Khamenei' banner hung over Tehran Freeway

A banner proclaiming 'Death to Khamenei' was hung on Komeil Bridge, at the intersection with Navab Freeway, on February 3, 2010.

View 'Death to Khamenei' banner over Navab Freeway, Tehran, Iran in a larger map

This video showing the banner was posted on YouTube on February 8.

For those who are interested: I'll be live-blogging on 22 Bahman, February 11, 2010, from 6:30 AM GMT.


  1. Is this being filmed at dawn? That would make it ~0700 hrs local time.

    Interesting that a little over half the banner is dedicated to an english rendering of the slogan, as well as an english subtitle applied to the YouTube video. An external audience is definitely planned into committing this act.

    I wonder how long the banner remained attached to the bridge? In itself, that would be telling, as would the circumstances of it being taken down.

  2. Mark Pyruz (Sargord Parooz)and his IRI master's method of self-reassurance is by lying to themselves and lying to others that these protests are somehow connected to "foreign agents". More specifically in Sargord's mindset, English slogans much be some kind of signal to commit a certain act by an "external audience", whatever that implies. A good example would be here:


    oh wait..