Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regime's 'million man march' in Karaj - Thursday, 31 December 2009

The regime rallied its supporters in Karaj on Thursday, December 31. Karaj is a city in the northwestern suburbs of Tehran and has a population of over 1.25 million people.

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The following footage of the pro-regime demonstration in Karaj is provided with translations of the cameraman's remarks:

'The spontaneous demonstration of Khamenei's supporters... They weren't able to come up with 200 people. They even picked them up with buses in front of their homes.'

'Thursday, 10 Mehr, Karaj. (NB The cameraman mistakenly says Mehr instead of Dey)'

Chant master:
'Our people are awake and up in arms about Mousavi. Our people are awake and up in arms about Karroubi. Death to Khatami! Death to Mousavi! Death to Karroubi!'

'Death to Khamenei! Death to Khomeini! You're looking at all of the regime's supporters in Karaj. You can hear that the Islamic Republic's lackeys have been reduced to hurling insults (NB The chant masters words are not audible) And here are the she-wolves of the Islamic Republic (NB As chador-clad women walk past). They had access to every means possible... with buses, closed schools, closed offices... And this is the crowd they managed to come up with, as you fellow countrymen can see. Death to the occupation regime of the Islamic Republic!'

For footage of the regime's 'million man march' in Kermanshah on Wednesday, please click here.


  1. Many thanks for keeping us informed on what is really going on in your country. Wishing you all success in the New Year.

  2. How about this, Aghaye Makhmaldorooghoo.

    The Ashura unrest unleashed by Mousavi has backfired - it showed that the greenshirts are prepared to desecrate a religious ceremony for their own evil end.

    Btw, how are your taghooti friends keeping you?

  3. It was not Mousavi who unleashed the unrest - it was the people themselves!

    Dare not underestimate the power of the people, Reza, for their solidarity and courage on the day of Ashura is an inspiration for all of us against an oppressive Regime!

    And know this: despite being censored, the Green movement has managed to get more footage of a greater variety of people than the government has of its own rallies.