Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mousavi to plainclothesmen: 'Carry out your duty. Kill me.'

Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi personally confronted a group of 30 to 40 plainclothesmen on motorcycles who were preventing his car from leaving the Academy of Arts on Tuesday morning, December 8, according to a news site close to the presidential candidate.

It should be pointed out that the term 'plainclothesman' or lebass shakhsi does not refer to police officers in civilian clothes. The regime's security and intelligence apparatus consists of a large number of different groups and organizations which may overlap. Though sometimes used to describe Basijis, 'plainclothesman' can be more precisely defined as a security or intelligence agent usually linked to the intelligence unit of the Revolutionary Guards.

Mousavi, a painter and architect, has run the Iranian Academy of Arts (Farhangestan Honar) and has had offices there since 1999. The academy grounds are situated on Vali Asr Street, near Tehran University and almost across the street from the back entrance of Amir Kabir University.

On November 4, the anniversary of the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran and another day of mass rallies against the regime, Mousavi had been prevented from leaving the academy's grounds and joining the protesters by a similar group of goons.

But this morning Mousavi had apparently had enough.

The following is a translation of the article which appeared in Kalemeh, considered to be Mousavi's news site:

Plainclothesmen on motorcycles intended to stop Mr. Mousavi from leaving his office by gathering in front of the Academy of Arts.

According to Kalemeh's journalist, when Mir Hossein Mousavi's car attempted to leave the academy this morning, it was blocked by a group of plainclothesmen on motorcycles.

This group of motorcyclists, consisting of 30 to 40 individuals, had been present around the academy since yesterday afternoon.

When this group of plainclothesmen prevented Mr. Mousavi's car from leaving the academy's parking lot today, the Imam's beloved prime minister (NB Mousavi was prime minister from 1981 to 1989, under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic and referred to as the Imam) got out of the car and approached the motorcyclists. This occurred as the motorcyclists chanted slogans against the Imam's beloved prime minister.

Mir Hossein Mousavi who was upset that similar incidents had taken place in the past, went among the plainclothesmen and told them: 'You are on duty. Carry out your duty. Kill me, beat me, threaten me.'

The comments of the Imam's beloved prime minister shamed the plainclothesmen who dispersed.

Without identifying himself, Kalemeh's journalist approached one of the motorcyclists and asked him the reason for their actions. The individual responded, We've been assigned the task of obstructing Mousavi's movements.

The bodyguards of the Imam's beloved prime minister insisted that he return inside the grounds, as the motorcyclists milled and drove around the academy.


The report was completed with the following update:

News update - Urgent - Plainclothesmen have retreated from the perimeter of the Academy of Arts

Kalemeh's journalist reports that the plainclothesmen on motorcycles, who had been present around the Academy of Arts since yesterday and prevented Mr. Mousavi from leaving his office this morning, have been forced to retreat from the entrance of the academy.

Mr. Mousavi has left his office at the academy, according to the latest news.

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  1. Well, "duh" on O-blah-ma having anything to say in support of a democratic overthrow of an illegitimately-elected Islamosocialist. I have heard a number of rumors that there were advisors that had worked with ACORN that went to Iran to "help" with the election in the first place.

    Look how Barry treated the situation in Hondurus.

    A Socialist President commits an impeachment -mandated offense against the country's Constitution, is removed from office by the Courts for crimes against the state, and then enlists the pantheon of America and democracy-hating dictators from around the world to aid in his return.

    What did THE CHOSEN ONE do? He helps the wannabe-dictator, even after hundreds of thousands of forged ballots for the next election are found in warehouses belonging to Zelaya.

    Kind of like the elction in Iran where ballots show up out of nowhere to re-elect Ahmedinajad?

    Thank God the Honduran people haven't been as buried in corruption and Fascist militia's as have the people of Iran.

    I pray the Iranians will win and oust their dictators but there isn't much hope for them - especially without encouragement from the formerly Democratic West.