Friday, December 11, 2009

A statement allegedly from members of Iran's military strongly denounces Revolutionary Guards role in crackdown

A statement issued late Thursday night and purporting to be from members of the Islamic Republic of Iran's military strongly warns elements within the Revolutionary Guards against continuing their crackdown on the Iranian people.

Initially posted on the Gouya News site, a usually dependable source, the statement quickly spread across the Internet. It was read last night by protesters in Paris:

In Iran, the term armed forces or 'nirouhayeh mossalah' includes the three usual branches of the military -- army, navy, and air force -- and also the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). To complicate matters, the IRGC also has ground forces, a navy, and an air force (plus the Ghods force and the Basij). I employ the term 'the military' -- artesh in the statement -- to refer to the regular army, air force, and navy.

The veracity of source of the statement cannot be confirmed. However, some elements in the text are noteworthy. Why did the author(s) not include navy personnel in the list of signatories? Why were training staff and professors included in the list of signatories? Why are distinct organizations, locations, and staffs included in the details?

Has the regime identified these places as hotbeds of dissent and is it issuing this statement in order to justify future purges? It does not seem credible, for example, that dissenting professors at the Imam Ali University for officers, which has a relatively limited number of professors, would so clearly identify themselves.

Or is the statement really issued by military personnel?

The following is a translation of the text:

In the name of pure God (NB Instead of the Arabic Allah, the word Yazdan is used. Yazdan is derived from the ancient Iranian language of Pahlavi. This may indicate that the author(s) of the statement are more patriotic than religious. It may also indicate that the author(s) want to target military personnel who are more patriotic than religious.)
The military is the refuge of the nation

In the years of the Sacred Defense (NB The Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988) when, alongside our Revolutionary Guards brothers, we defended this land, we were in reality defending the honor and dignity and lives and possessions of the Iranian people. The country is precious because the Iranian nation is precious. The weapons of the Revolutionary Guards and the military must be employed in the service of this nation and the lives [of their servicemen] should be sacrificed for the people of Iran. In the days when, alongside our Revolutionary Guards brothers, we were giving our lives for this nation, we never imagined that a day would come when a group of Guardsmen, contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the true and devoted personnel of the Revolutionary Guards, would use the might of their weapons against this nation.

The military considers itself the refuge of the nation and has never submitted to the demands of politicians to oppress the people. It has remained faithful to its vow to not interfere in politics, but it cannot remain silent while its countrymen are persecuted and violated. For this reason, to those individuals who have been imposed on the Revolutionary Guards and who are engaged in aggression and tyranny against the lives and dignity and honor of the Iranian people and who, more than anyone, have betrayed the blood of the martyrs of our country's armed forces, whether it be the Revolutionary Guards or the military, we issue a serious warning that if they do not change course, they will be faced with the reaction of the military's selfless men. The military is the refuge of the people, and it will defend, to its last drop of blood, the peaceful people of Iran against any aggressor.

- A group of pilots and personnel of the aviation division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army (Havanirooz)
- A group of commanders and personnel of the 33rd artillery division of Isfahan
- A group of pilots and servicemen of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- The Shahid Sattari University of the the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- A group of the personnel of the command staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (Nahaja)
- A group of the personnel of the logistical training center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army
- A group of the professors and officials of the Imam Ali University for officers
- A group of the personnel and officials of the command center of the military


  1. Thank you for this and all that you do in translating and educating us by explaining cultural relevance for those of us who really want to understand.

    May your hands never hurt.

  2. Many questions.

    Where is the original statement? What is the source of disclosure for this statement?

    Curious that Gooya would be the first to break this story.

    The use of Yazdan reeks of an Imperial Military element. I seriously doubt it would be used in a sincere statement attempting to influence IRI policy.

    I'm going to post this on a military forum and see what they think, particularly in regards to unit, staff and locations identified.

  3. One more thing, your translation and use of artesh is correct.

  4. Re the 2 suggested scenarios: If this has been staged by the regime, it could be phase I of the purge as suggested, or it could be worse. It could be that the IRGC plans to stage a controlled 'civil war' as a bloody excuse for massive murders and a total take over of the system. In that case, the Constitution and associated institutions will be suspended, many clerics--including the SL--will go to heaven, and the IRGC will have full rein to reshape the regime in its own image.
    But if the other scenario is true and this letter was issued by members of the artesh, invoking Yazdan could mean they're monarchists as suggested; but it could also be interpreted as a counterpart to the SoG's "Iranian Republic" meaning it's the voice of anti-theocratic elements in the artesh, not necessarily imperial, but likely nationlist.

  5. " those individuals (...) who are engaged in aggression and tyranny against the lives and dignity and honor of the Iranian people and who, more than anyone, have betrayed the blood of the martyrs of our country's armed forces..."

    For psychological reasons I find it very hard to believe that anyone in the IRGC element that has participated directly or indirectly in such misdeeds could have written those words as an implicit "self-description", even as part of a plot/trap? If it had been written as a trap or as fake evidence, surely the author(s) would not have produced quite this type of text but something more ambiguously worded that could later be used to disparage the purity-of-motivation of the signatories? And the words directed against the IRGC coup-favorers and student-crushers would surely NOT have included such a powerful accusation as "betrayed the blood of the martyrs of our country's armed forces"??

    I may be wrong - but to me, whether or not it's exactly what it's presented as being the intention of whoever wrote it MUST have been to shame and frighten the IRGC involved in attacking protesters - it's like slashing a whip of moral contempt and indignation right across their faces.

  6. I will take this with a HUGE GRAIN OF SALT.

    In the past 24 hours, Ahmadinejadists have been EXTREMELY PROVOCATIVE.

    I have just posted about the picture burning fiasco. But I decided to completely ignore this army rumor for a GOOD reason:

    this is JUST a little stress test, instigated by the IRGC to gauge peopl's reaction; and to use it as evidence for treason for further crackdowns.

    I just saw a message on Mousavi's facebook: announcing rally routs "in case of arrest of any of the leaders" ... something ominous may be cooking. Let's not fan suspicious flames.

  7. Oh I see Mark has already been on this, quite accurately too!

  8. This Just in from both Karoubi AND mousavi's facebook:
    ر صورت قطع اینترنت و آغاز حرکات احمقانه رژیم ، منتظر خبر نباشیم . وعده ما انقلاب تا آزادی شاید در پی بیانیه مشکوک دیروز ارتش ، طرح خنثی سازی یک کودتای فرضی مطرح است . حکومت نظامی و بازداشتهای گسترده . شاید اطلاع رسانی را قطع کنند. آماده باشیم و در صورت قطع ارتباطاتمان ، منتظر رسیدن خبر از آسمان نمانیم

    "following the suspicious statement of the army yesterday, plans for cracking down an imaginary coup d'etat are cooking up. Martial law and broad arrests; they may cut communications. Be prepared and in case of disconnection, don't wait for news from sky."

  9. Satan is very tricky and i don't believe a word of this,The Sepah was broke up right after the revolution in 1980,Saddam got word of this and saw weakness in the military and thats why he attacked.

  10. I don't see why anyone would suggest the pro-Islamic Republic agents wrote this message
    let's think this statement is a hoax and its authors are not the military personal. in that case it's a wake up call to the military personal reminding them of their #1 duty which is protesting the lives & properties of the people & national interest and not protecting the self-interested rulers. In such case, it gives the regime & the IRGC mafia a warning as well that if continue its brutal oppression, they may face not only defensive & offensive civilian resistance, but also organized armed military resistance which in that case regime will be overthrown without any doubt
    Iranian air force is listed above all other signees & the truth is they are the ones who've always had disagreement with this regime. they were all loyal to the Shah and Iranian patriots & Khomeini executed many of their generals and the reason Islamic Republic couldn't replace them was because they were the best pilots in the world & all trained by the US air force, some of my best friends in Iran were from the Air Force families & I spent many days hanging out in the air force towns (residential sections of AF base) whe I was a teenager, they have always hated the regime
    the 2nd signee from the top of the list are Isfahan 33 division. My grandfather is from Isfahan & him and my uncles used to live across street from 33 division (Farah-abad street)and also he was a former mid-rank military personal resigned before the revolution to start spend the rest of his life running his business. Every evening his house was full of his high-ranked former fellow Arteshies. They all were non-religious, I'd seen every single one of them drinking alcohol with him & most important than that all against the ruling regime. All used to curse at Mullah & the regime & see them responsible for all death and destruction including Iran-Iraq war
    If any of you want to see a free Iran, this is the best and quickest solution, Military personal are our patriots & they have no interest in politics and aren't after power or money, they just wanna free our nation.

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