Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"A sense of vengeance is the only thing that keeps me alive..."

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This video was posted yesterday.

Minou: My name is Minou. I was arrested in one of the demonstrations in the month after the election. I was jailed for about a month. I was not surprised by the punches and kicks of the plainclothesmen, but I was shaken by the insults and abuse that took place in the detention center, which I think was in the Pasdaran district (NB Northeast Tehran). I'm not ready to talk about everything yet. I've only managed to keep going with the sedatives that I take. The worse thing about prison -- beyond the food, lack of beds, turmoil, insults, interrogations at all times of the day and night, and sexual abuse -- was that they wanted me to write down the names of all the men and women with whom I had had sex.They wanted all the details. I had to make up stories and confess to them. They kept touching me and making vulgar comments about parts of my body. They would beat my backside with a baton so I would give greater details of my sexual encounters. They loved it. When I would object, they would hit me in the mouth and threaten to rape me from behind. I can't say anything about those days and nights of interrogation because it makes me feel even worse. But I know that I will write it all down some day so that everyone knows what they do to the women of this country. I hope I live until that day. A sense of vengeance is the only thing that keeps me alive.


  1. Lorrie Celotto-Cellini (Dancinlor)September 1, 2009 at 3:45 PM

    Dear Minou:

    I am so very sorry and sad that you suffered such humiliation, pain and abuse from these HORRIBLE MONSTERS for absolutely nothing that you did other than to fight for the freedom and joy that you seek for You, Your Family and the Families of Iran. I have been involved since June 13, 2009 with many Iranian, French and American Friends on Twitter to help Iran. IranRiggedElect on Twitter just recently posted this site. I have never left the Sea of Green, and everyday, I say a prayer for Neda Agha Soltan who was slain in the streets of Iran, and died in her Father's arms on 6/20/09. We are ALL still here supporting, loving and encouraging you to continue to Sail on the Sea of Green towards IRAN'S Dock of Freedom. May God Bless You, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, God is so very great because you are ALIVE. Much Love to You and Your Family. Lorrie Celotto-Cellini (Dancinlor - Twitter) from America

  2. I'm sorry you faced abuse at the hands of the Iranian authroities. But the fact remains that this election was purposely forced into chaos by the interference of western powers that include the United States, Israel, and the UK.

    It was a cleverly concocted series of actions that were designed to deliberately overthrow an Iranian government elected by the people with one more compliant to the west that would allow the complete deregulation of the sovereign Iranian state allowing the re-privatization of the Iranian oil sector:


    You say that "A sense of vengeance is the only thing that keeps me alive..."". All well and good, but who is there to avenge the thousands disappeared under the rule of the Shah? A repressive rule aided and abetted by the US CIA and British MI6? Who is to avenge the death of Mossadegh?