Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Man shot in front of family by plainclothesmen in holy city of Ghom

Plainclothesmen opened fire on a civilian in the holy city of Ghom, today September 8, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran.

The association's news brief in Farsi reads: 'At noon today, September 8, a middle-aged man (35 to 40 years old), who was driving his wife and young child down 9th Dey Street towards the Kashan Beltway in a Pride model 132, was arrested by a group of plainclothesmen in a Peugeot GLX.'

HRA-Iran's statement continues: 'The plainclothesmen pulled in front of his car and blocked his way. As they beat the man in front of his wife and young child, they tried to haul him into their automobile. The man fought back and tried to escape. The plainclothesmen opened direct fire in the middle of passersby and shot the man in the shoulder.'

'As he chanted political slogans like 'Death to Khamenei', he and his family were transferred to the plainclothesmen's car and taken away to an unknown location. Neither the man's identity, nor that of the plainclothesmen has been determined,' concludes the HRA-Iran report.

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