Monday, September 21, 2009

IRGC commander observes mysterious lights over Persian Gulf

An Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander has declared that unidentified flying objects emitting light were observed over Kharg Island off the coast of the strategically sensitive port of Bushehr, home of Iran's first, and still inoperative, nuclear reactor.

Commander Ali Razmjou said in a statement Monday that three shining objects flew over Kharg Island, also known as Khark, on the night of September 9 and that one of them had been shot down. The wreckage has not been discovered yet and a search is ongoing. Razmjou added that such flying objects have been seen occasionally along the coast of Bushehr Province.

Razmjou commands the IRGC's fleet in naval sector 2 which includes the port of Bushehr. Newly-appointed Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, a fellow IRGC officer and the former Defense Minister, recently offered Razmjou the governorship of Bushehr province, but Razmjou turned him down, citing his desire to remain a man in green -- the green of the Revolutionary Guards uniform.

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